The Intelligent
Shaping Project

Intelligent Shaping aims to support brands in their drive towards on-demand manufacturing, superior fitting garments, and sustainable apparel business models. Intelligent Shaping leverages under-utilized body scanning data with proprietary fabric distribution techniques to optimize fit at all levels of apparel manufacturing: ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, and bespoke.

Better Fit.

Intelligent Shaping brings the art of bespoke fit to mass customization. By incorporating careful landmarking and measuring markers, Intelligent Shaping replicates the heuristic fitting techniques of bespoke tailors, accounting for fabric grain and fit preference, to achieve customized shaping and superior fit.

The proprietary shaping algorithms track fit inherently allowing you obtain instant feedback on design decisions and guarantee consistency of fit for any body shape.

Developed for integration with CAD and virtual garment design, Intelligent Shaping is an API driven apparent fit solution with options for garment block generation, fully parametric patterns, and demographic analysis for body shape sizing.

Complete Parametrization.

Every design decision is also a fit decision. Intelligent Shaping lets you track how your fit changes to meet design intent using a comprehensive set of parameters to control everything from fabric properties to underlayer thickness to desired ease amounts. Proprietary shaping algorithms make real time decisions to optimize the garment block for each unique body shape.

Streamline Scan Processing.

Scanners with the proven ability to measure accuracy to within microns are frequently the subject of studies discussing discrepancies between scanning devices and hand acquired measurement data. Intelligent Shaping uses a combination of industry standard landmarking and proprietary segmenting procedures to give a perfect map between the body's 3D space and garment's 2D space without relying on complex mesh transformations.

Smarter Sizing.

Not every application requires bespoke patterns. Conventional grading systems often rely on linear scaling with no consideration of changing body morphology as the base size is altered. Intelligent Shaping's underlying mapping of body measurements to the 2D pattern block allows the development of non-linear grading strategies. This approach allows for ready-to-wear patterns that offer the same quality of fit to outlier body sizes as they do to the median size.

For some designs a vertical scaling strategy is not adequate to meet fit needs. People with similar base measurements may require significantly different pattern blocks due to body shape differences. By leveraging the inherent link between measures and pattern that Intelligent Shaping provides, horizontal scaling strategies using body-shape demographic groups can be provided that permit drastically improved fit for a varied population within a ready-to-wear approach.

Designed for modern workflows.

Intelligent Shaping is an API based garment block generation software. Solutions are fully customizable to your business and able to provide everything from basic bespoke garment prototype blocks to fully parametric patterns. The Intelligent Shaping group is actively seeking partners in the garment CAD and manufacturing areas to partner with on scalable made-to-measure and bespoke solutions.

The company.

Intelligent Shaping was founded in 2016 and builds upon over 30 years of experience in garment design, made-to-measure manufacturing, and anthropometric research by owner Emma Scott. With a background in both computer science and traditional pattern drafting Emma was uniquely positioned to bridge the complex gap between heuristic pattern drafting strategies and automated solutions for garment fitting.

Embodying Emma's persistent drive for body shape inclusivity and mantra of ‘Fashion Should Empower’, Intelligent Shaping aims to make scalable bespoke manufacturing a reality. We believe every body shape deserves exceptional garment fit.